Results-focused, informational, inspirational
coaching to resolve menopausal issues

Jeanne Andrus

Menopause Mastery Coach

Menopause is tough. We get it.

You've been going along, pretty much rocking your life.

And then, things start falling apart. Your body changes, your emotions are all over the place, your brain stops working, and you start to

Menopause Mastery Coaching is a blend of health coaching, life coaching, healing, and knowledge transfer. The goal of these unique coaching programs is to reduce or eliminate symptoms and to help our clients design a personal path through the pitfalls of menopause.

Here's a look at some of the modalities Jeanne brings to this work.

Menopause Information

As the author of five best-sellers on the topic of menopause, Jeanne believes that knowledge is our first and best line of defense to the changes of menopause. She is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information to her clients about their individual experience.

Health Coaching and Personal Training

Jeanne is a certified Health Coach (2009) and Personal Trainer (2008) through the American Counsel of Exercise. As such, her programs are designed to promote positive health changes for women based on holistic health principles.

A holistic approach to health begins with understanding what's gone wrong (as the changes of menopause affect our whole body!) and devising a plan that that works for you.

Each plan includes the 5 pillars of holistic health:

  • Sleep

  • Stress Management

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Support/Knowledge


Jeanne is a board-certified hypnotherapist. She uses her hypnotherapy skills to promote change and healing.

Hypnosis reduces the complexity of creating new, effective behavior patterns and releasing old, harmful ones by engaging the power of the unconscious mind to strengthen your commitment and resolve to change.

Hypnosis is effective for changing habits, promoting sleep, managing stress and anxiety, increasing focus, reducing chronic pain, and more.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Results Coaching &
TimeLine Therapy (TLT)

Jeanne is a board-certified NLP/TLT practitioner, and has incorporated these tools into her practice in a variety of ways, especially with weight management and smoking cessation.

NLP is a fast, effective way to use the power of the unconscious mind to break old patterns and provide behavioral choice in circumstances that may have been previously governed by habit. Its effectiveness in eliminating trigger foods, repatterning eating habits, and eliminating default behaviors (such as cigarette with morning coffee!) is unparalleled.

TimeLine Therapy is an extension of NLP and hypnosis which allows you to quickly release "stuck" emotions (aka, emotional triggers), limiting beliefs, and blocks to achieving goals and manifesting.

Reiki and Somatic Conversations

Jeanne is a Reiki Master, trained in using Reiki energy movement techniques to help relieve the symptoms of menopause and to relieve stress and anxiety.

Somatic conversations use Reiki energy and light trance to examine "stuck energy" and get it moving again. It is a technique unique to Menopause Mastery Coaching.

Yogic Breathwork, Stress Management Coach, Running Coaching, NIA Dance, and more

Jeanne incorporates close to 15 years of experience as a personal trainer, weight loss coach, and education and adventure junkie into her work.

With an ever-curious mind, she often studies subjects "just because," and usually finds that the principles and practices she embraces for her personal development are quickly incorporated into the coaching she does with her clients.